Top Best Oakley Sunglasses for Men in 2022


Oakley sunglasses are known for their revolutionary technology and materials that operate under extreme situations. Oakley provides a frame for everyone, whether you’re an Olympic Athlete or just on the run. In this guide, shade Focus is examining the finest Oakley sunglasses for men in 2022, including some of the newest releases!

What Should You Look for When Purchasing Oakley Sunglasses for Men?

Before we get into our best selections, it’s vital to understand what characteristics to look for in Oakley sunglasses for Men. We’re breaking down the key technologies you need to know, from Unobtanium™ grips to PRIZM™ optics!

Frame material.

The majority of Oakley sunglasses for men frames are now manufactured of O Matter, C-5 alloy, or Titanium. All of these materials provide their own distinct characteristics, which we’ve listed below:

O Matter:

O Matter is a long-lasting, flexible, and lightweight material that is perfect for sports frames.

C-5 alloy:

C-5 alloy is the five-metal alloy that Oakley typically employs in their Wires series.


Titanium is a titanium metal alloy that is strong, lightweight, and long-lasting and is often used in metal frames.

Grips of Unobtainium™.

Unobtainium™, one of Oakley’s earliest patented materials, is a strong grip rubber commonly seen on ear socks and nose pieces. Unobtainium™ adheres to itself even when wet, making sweating unnecessary and keeping your sunglasses in place. Unobtainium™ grips aren’t found on every Oakley frame, so look for these while shopping.


The Oakley PRIZM™ lens altered everything. Originally intended as a sport lens, Oakley now sells PRIZM™ lenses for everyday use. PRIZM™ technology improves contrast and color in a variety of situations. Many of Oakley’s most popular sunglasses also come with prescription lenses. This includes PRIZM™ and Polarized choices, so you won’t have to compromise on quality.

Top Oakley Sunglasses for Men in 2022:


If you’re familiar with Oakley sunglasses for men, you’re probably familiar with the Holbrook. This classic design has been around for decades and is one of the best-selling Oakley lifestyle frames to this day.

Its classic shape and clean design make it extremely adaptable, and unique Oakley materials boost performance. Because it’s made of O Matter™, it’s very lightweight and long-lasting.

What about fashion? The keyhole bridge fits a wide range of nose shapes and sizes while keeping your vision clear. The metal rivets and one-of-a-kind square logo make the Holbrook a really distinctive frame.


Key Features:

  • The O Matter™ frame has both qualities lightweight and robust.
  • The keyhole bridge complements a wide range of nose shapes and sizes.
  • Metal rivets and a square Oakley logo offer a touch of class.
  • Rx-able PRIZM™TM lens technology is available.

If you like Holbrook’s sleek style but need a bit more performance from your frame, the Oakley Mainlink is ready for action. The Mainlink is built not just of lightweight O Matter™, but also of Oakley’s exclusive Unobtainium™ rubber. Unobtainium™, strategically positioned around the nose pads and temples, becomes tackier the more you sweat, so it doesn’t budge even while you’re moving. The straight-back temples ensure a snug fit and can blend well with caps and helmets for spontaneous games.


Key Feature:

  • The O Matter™ frame is both robust and lightweight.
  • When wet, the Unobtainium™ rubber grip becomes tackier.
  • The Three-Point-Fit technology guarantees optical alignment and comfort.
  • The Oakley Mainlink XL is also available in a bigger version.

FLAK 2.0 XL:

The Flak 2.0 XL is one of our top-rated sunglasses in every category. It excels in a number of sports, making it one of our most adaptable frames. The 8-base wrap provides excellent sun protection, and the O Matter™ construction ensures lightweight to wear.

The extended lenses (XL) provide enough coverage, while the contoured shape compliments a wide range of facial characteristics. They use PRIZM™ lens technology and are easily replaceable.


You’ll always have the ideal tint for your activity and lighting circumstances with a simple lens change.

Key Features:

  • The O Matter™ frame structure is lightweight and long-lasting.
  • When wet, Unobtainium™ rubber nose pads become tackier.
  • Textured inside temples keep the frame in place.
  • The interchangeable PRIZM™TM lenses are RX-able.


The Oakley Portal X combines form and function. The Portal X flawlessly integrates Oakley innovation into a relaxed design, giving us the best of both the lifestyle and performance worlds.

It’s ready for an adventure with an O Matter™ structure, Unobtainium™ rubber nose pads, and PRIZM™TM lens technology. When you’re not on the run, the Portal X offers a distinct flair that’s appropriate for any situation.


Key Features:

  • The O Matter™ frame material is both strong and light.
  • The Unobtainium™ rubber grip becomes tackier as you sweat.
  • Rx-able PRIZM™TM lens technology is available.


We couldn’t put together a list of the finest Oakley sunglasses for men without including a shield. The always-popular Radar EV Path is a performance favorite with great aesthetics.

The Oakley Radar EV Path is a devastatingly stylish frame, whether you’re wearing them to shred downhill or to amp up your style. The strong O Matter™ frame firmly keeps the vented PRIZM™TM shield lens in position while providing full wraparound coverage. The 8-base design moulds your face, and Unobtainium™ rubber provides grip where it is most needed.


Key Feature:

  • The 8-base wrap provides optimum coverage and sun protection.
  • Made of O Matter™ with an Unobtainium™ rubber grip.
  • Ventilated PRIZM™ shield lenses promote airflow and clear vision.


That wraps it up for our top-picked Oakley sunglasses for men. I hope that you now have few new contenders in your list of ideal Oakley sunglasses that will work for you. If you like these styles, make sure that you review which Oakley sunglasses for men you liked the most and prefer to purchase them.

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